Poster design competition – Call for entries

Aimed at raising awareness abour or current environmental situation Segunda llamada and Natura Mexico have joined to organize the poster design competition with the theme: The impact of consumerism over the environment

Click here to download the bases


Click here to download this image in printing resolution

Segunda llamada wants to thank the following person for their support to this competition:

Lourdes Zolezzi – Zolezzi Studio

Carlos González Manjarrez – CG Design / Design director UMQ

Andrzej Rattinger / Magazine Merc 2.0 director

Nivaldo Pizzinato /  Natura México Marketing Director

Nancy Pearson /  Caracol de Plata A.C.  Director

Juan Luis GodínezTrans Vision Bike

Rogelio CejaClub Mac Store

Idalicia SilvaNatura México

Rene Wanner / Poster page

and specially to Gabriela Sandoval from Natura México, without whom this competition would not be possible.

Please spread the word about this competition, it´s very important to raise awareness on the theme.

Thanks and good luck / Gus